Engineering IT Team Wins 2017 Emerging Ally Award


The Engineering IT team received the 2017 Emerging Ally Award from the LGBT Resource Center. The award recognizes an individual or team for showing commendable action as they begin their journey of consciousness. The winners of this award are people who are willing to listen, learn, and act with support for the LGBTQIA identities and issues.

Help Desk Service Manager, Jake MacGregor, and IT Specialists, Gina Duello and Matt Seng, received the award on behalf of the Engineering IT team at the Lavender Congratulatory ceremony on May, 3 2017. 

According to the Director of Engineering IT, Jim Hurst, the team has made significant strides in this area over the last year. Professional facilitators visited the leadership team twice and the senior staff once. From all-staff emails and meetings to creating a lunch discussion group, the Engineering IT team is doing all in its power to promote the culture of being an LGBT ally. It is clear that they are emerging allies.

“I don’t think we’ve achieved any kind of grand goal…but I do think we’ve made a lot of strides in a short time,” Hurst said.