Our Students Solving Global Water Challenges

Our Students Solving Global Water Challenges

Through interdisciplinary education both here and around the world.


The Majipump

The Majipump

New solar-powered irrigation pump empowers HIV+ women in Kenya

Illinois professor Brian Lilly leads development of "Majipump" —a low-wattage solar irrigation pump designed for subsistence farmers in the developing world. Working side-by-side with women farmers in Kenya, Lilly aims to stimulate both improved food security and economic development.

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Next month marks Illinois' 150th birthday! Stroll down memory lane through the eyes of alumni: 

Champaign-Urbana named No. 2 college town in America! 

CS alumnus Chris Lattner is joining the Tesla Motors team as the new VP of Autopilot Software: 


Prof. Paul Kwiat seeks to engage community in STEM with LabEscape, a science-themed escape room: 

Engineering at Illinois' online graduate program makes U.S. News Education's #BestOnlinePrograms top 10 list: 

Illinois is 1 of the 17 universities that Facebook is partnering to conduct research with: http://for.tn/2j8mqSf.

Illini Hyperloop & their levitating pod are headed to California for a competition put on by SpaceX. Check it out: http://bit.ly/2k7zh6M!

Congrats to Ryan Hoch, an alumnus from the College of Engineering, who was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for 2017: http://bit.ly/2ko2OX9!

Junior Emily Chen credits her internship at NCSA in helping her obtain co-op with Parker Hannifin: http://bit.ly/2ko1WBZ.

Illinois is proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy as they work to forge new clean energy initiatives: http://bit.ly/2jtAC6I.


Gifts in Action

Gifts in Action

“When I was applying to colleges, cost was a big concern for me. You want to go to the highest-caliber university that you can. This was my best pick, in terms of finances and academics. It’s unfortunate when people have to pass up opportunities because of financial reasons when they have the intellect and the drive.”

Asha Kirchhoff, B.S. Bioengineering

Visionaries like you help students like Asha get the hands-on experience they need to improve our world.

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