2017: Year In Review

What a year! Watch video highlights of our 2017 breakthroughs and achievements.


Innovating Flight Simulators

Leading Global Innovation
of Flight Simulators

For nearly 60 years, engineering alumni from the University of Illinois have been pioneering the technologies to make flying safer, and they've been doing it right here in our own back yard. Learn how locally-based Frasca International has established itself as a global leader in flight simulation.

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Innovating Freshman Education
Energizes Students and Faculty

We’re making our undergraduate experience the best in the world. Engineering educators collaborating on a grant from the Strategic Instructional Innovations Program (SIIP) are now reimagining ECE 110 (basic circuits) for the nearly 500 students who take this class each year.

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I'm With Illinois


I'm With Illinois

"I know for a fact that everything I've done has had its foundation back here at Illinois. So I feel a moral obligation, a personal obligation, a professional obligation to want to go back and appreciate everything I’ve had a chance to do, and to help do anything I can to make sure that groundwork stays firm for the next generation of engineers that come out of Illinois. I want to give back because I know everything started here."

Lee Archambault, Ret. Astronaut

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